Join us and help save our Altadena libraries

Endorse this measure publicly
Walk and talk to people in your neighborhood
Make phone calls to remind people to vote Yes.
Put a sign on your lawn or in front of your business
Help out at community events
Distribute materials and flyers
Recruit other volunteers and supporters

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August 5 – National Night Out at Farnsworth Park
August 7 – 11am Storytime/ Community Resource Fair at Loma Alta Park (6-8pm)
August 9 – 9:30am Door-knocking/7:00pm concert (be there @ 6:30pm)
August 14 – 11am Storytime at the Library
August 16 – 9:30 AM Door-knocking
– 7:00 PM Concert (be there 6:30)
August 20 – Fundraiser at El Patron on N. Lake (2-8:00 PM)
August 21 – 11 AM Storytime
August 23 – 9:30 AM Door-knocking
– 7:00 PM Concert (be there 6:30)


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